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Software Development Kit (SDK or devkit) is a collection of IT  development tools for developing and debugging applications,  tailored to create applications for a specific IT Objet. SDK tools may comprise development and debugging tools, administration and monitoring means, application deployment, etc.

There are SDK targeted to develop applications around specific software packages such as for Java or SAP,  hardware platforms such as for applications around virtualization of servers or managing storage, for video game console, operating systems, or any other IT platform/object.

SDK definition is different depending on who you ask, but its meaning is in its own words: Development Kit to create software applications.

In the Digitization world that we share on Digital Full Potential, SDKs are becoming more frequent as AI, Bots, Robotics, and the like develop to the next steps and grow more accessible to anyone. Spyder, RStudio and other development environments together with R and Python libraries could be considered as the most used AI SDK. Other Digitization SDKs are more focused. That is the case of tools such as Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (NPE) software development kit (SDK) used  to choose which computer core is the most appropriate to run applications with deep neural networks.

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