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Living Labs Explained

A Living Lab is a combination of

  • A real environment, such as a city, a university class or a company building. They are called Living Labs because these are real situations where things happen as they normally do, contrary to a lab space.
  • The people interacting with the environment, being either all the people living and going through the city, the students of the first course, or any other group of real people going on with their lives in interaction with the environment mentioned above
  • Multiple data collection devices/sensors such as phones, video cameras, card transactions or emergency call registry. These devices/sensors register behaviors of people and interactions among people and between people and the environment
  • Multidisciplinary scientific and technical teams in the background, in charge of collecting and analyzing the extensive data with tools such as Bigdata ones, following the Big Data Processing Cycle

A Living Lab allows analyzing people’s behavior ­and interactions in the real world. It also allows for measuring the reactions to particular stimulus that can be introduced in the environment, such a speaker message, alarm, a new service, or just a change in the layout of the floor routes people travel.

Living Labs signify a large step forward compared with focus groups, large-scale surveys or traditional trial product launchings, as they provide a myriad of insights on the subjects analyzed.

There are hundreds of Living Labs, and you may be living in one!

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