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Hadoop Explained

Hadoop is a new way to store and process Big Data in a reliable, distributed and scalable way, either on your computers or a third party platform (usually a Cloud). It is written in Java, and it is an open source project.

Because it is an open source project, a companies like Google and Facebook use it, it is becoming a standard tool to manage vast amounts of data. But it is not only applicable to those huge entities but many other companies into using their Big Data.

It is important to notice that Hadoop is not a substitute for a DataBase. It is a handy way of storing and distributing data, but it does not index the data (a key feature of a database).

Hadoop advantages over other tools are in its performance in storing and distributing, its cost-effectiveness, speed, flexibility, and reliability. However, it is not appropriate for limited quantities of data, and it may require particular attention to security.

Hadoop’s complete name is Apache™ Hadoop®

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