Data Mirage Definition and Meaning Made Easy

Data Mirage Explained

Data Mirage refers to the belief that the more data you collect,  the better your conclusions will be.

Many people think that more data is better,  especially when talking about Big Data.  But having more data is not necessarily good to reach to the solution of our questions. On the contrary, it can be the cause of reaching the wrong conclusions.

The key, as explained in “Big Data Processing Cycle and The Pitfalls of Not Following It” is to select the data that needs to be collected and or used.

A typical pitfall is to ask big data analyst to reach conclusions with the data available in a company,  though it may be inaccurate or irrelevant for the questions at hand. Another Data Mirage Problem is the use of repetitive data, which only adds to the noise, instead to add to the clarity of the process.

Data Desert Definition Explained
Data Desert Definition and Meaning Made Easy


You may want to check the definition of DATA DESERT. Data Desert is a concept directly related to first steps of the Big Data processing cycle, as Data Desert is.


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