Bitcoin Closed January Under 10k, Showing High Volatility And A Crashing Price

Bitcoin has been on the up and downs its whole history. But the last six months have been a rollercoaster trip up and down over Bitcoin volatility and crash.

We recently reported that Bitcoin large drops are more frequent than people think (2018 Latest Bitcoin Crash – Not a Surprise) However, if we look at the latest numbers, we see that the Bitcoin mania of the last quarter of 2017 seems to be finishing and the price going back to October values.

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Bitcoin closed January under the physiological 10k price (10,000 US dollar per Bitcoin). After the quick price rise on the end of 2017, this can be considered as a sign that Bitcoin volatility and crash in prices may be more substantial this time than on historical cases analyzed in the article cited above.

bitcoin volatility and crash figure 2

Is Bitcoin volatility here to stay? No doubt about it. But, is it the Bitcoin crash going to continue? That is another matter. Maybe we should go back to the Google Search Bitcoin Trend Score that seemed to be Good Bitcoin Price Prediction.

The latest news on the recent Regulators Subpoena Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitfinex, Tether are not contributing to add to the positive news and building confidence on the cryptocurrency:

Excerpts form Reuters: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. derivatives regulator has sent a subpoena to two of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday, as watchdogs globally increase their scrutiny of the emerging asset class.

UBS Chairman Axel Weber comments on potential “massive” Bitcoin correction at the World Economic Forum (WEF18) or the round table on Bitcoin, also at the WEF18 do not help either.



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