Bitcoin Price Prediction Through Google Search

Trend Score Seems to Be a Good Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin Price has seen significant volatility over the last 12 months. Many cryptocurrencies fans have made projections of Bitcoin price. However, the mean of Bitcoin price prediction is even worse than random, which is not surprising in a high volatility environment.

But some remembered the famous Big Data case of Google Flu Trends in which, for a while, Google model estimated Flu fever based on search patterns with two weeks in advanced over the health authorities. And they have tried to use the concept to Bitcoin price prediction.

Benedet (twitter @dbenedet905) and Shane Obata (@sobata416) just published a twitter

Interesting that Bitcoin searches on $Googl were crashing well before the bubble popped.  #bitcoin @sobata416

The tweet included the graph below. Judge by yourself whether Google Search Trend Score could be a Bitcoin price predictor

Bitcoin google search trend versus Bitcoin Price
Source: @dbenedet905, @sobata416
Google Search Trend Score Seems to Be a Good Bitcoin Price Prediction as @dbenedet905, @sobata416 have found #Bitcoinprice $Googl Click To Tweet

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